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Welcome to Windmill Farms Districts

Welcome to Windmill Farms Districts

Welcome to the Windmill Farms Districts (Kaufman Districts) website. This site will serve the residents of Kaufman FWSD 1-B, 1-C, and 1-D. We invite you to visit our site regularly to learn more about the Windmill Farms Districts.

Our website contains an abundance of information regarding the Districts, their Boards of Directors, amenities, public information and much more. In addition, residents can use this site to pay their water/sewer bills online and reach out to the Districts with any questions or concerns.

Kaufman 1B

Kaufman FWSD 1-B

Kaufman 1C

Kaufman FWSD 1-C

Kaufman 1D

Kaufman FWSD 1-D

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